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New Bleach chapter: Not too much action, but lots of character relationship moments

SPOILERS, as usual!

Kūgo has a cross. Could it be a Quincy Cross? At first I thought it was hinting that Uryū's assailant stole his Quincy Cross and gave it to his boss. But that's not the Cross that Ishida uses now is it? He uses the pentacle-shaped one now. Although, the cross Kūgo is wearing could also be an “X” fitting this week's title and plot. I also like the pink splatters on the cover page, making it look like blood.

Page 3: -Kubo's title placements have been really stylish these last few weeks. I approve.

-I think I like Yuzu's new hairstyle the most out of everyone's changes over the time skip. It's interesting how the last chapter we saw her she seemed to have gotten out of her adoration for Ichigo but there are still hints of it: still wearing the strawberry hair pin and being so excited to show him her grades.

Page 4: -Aww, Yuzu is just as academically gifted as Ichigo is, if not even more so. I wonder if Karin's good at school too.

-Yuzu's happiness about her score is absolutely adorable. Look at her blushing cheeks and sparkles (and the return of the puppy slippers)!

-And Ichigo uses the same fake smile he used on the day before the anniversary of his mother's death back in the first Memories in the Rain arc.

-I'm sort of sad that Ichigo was faking his excitement here. I adore the sibling relationship that Ichigo has with his sisters and I would have loved if he would have truly meant the head pat and hug he gives Yuzu.

Page 5: -I know Kubo's going to explain Yuzu's surprise as just being because she understands what Ichigo acts like when he's faking happiness. But I really wish it was because Yuzu, like Orihime and Uryū, can sense Kūgo's reiatsu on Ichigo. I'm always sad that Kubo never acknowledges the fact that Yuzu can also sense when spirits are around, although not as well as Karin can.

Page 6: -Yuzu's sad face. ;_; There are just so many secrets in the Kurosaki family and I think all of its members feel the emotional consequences of that.

-Something about Ichigo entering his room reminds me of when he did so when he was frightened of his Hollow before his living world fight with Yammy. He's nervous and depressed for different reasons now but he still has that general air about him.

Page 7: -Ichigo misses being a Death God so much. It must be so strange to have the power to see ghosts all your life and then have it just vanish one day.

-Aww, Orihime being all formal as a joke.

Page 8: -This is going to sound really pathetic but I know that Kubo made a goof here. In the earliest chapters of Bleach, Yuzu mentions that it's Isshin's bedroom that faces the street. Yet, in this chapter, Ichigo looks out his own bedroom's window to see Orihime on the street (unless he walked to Isshin's room to look out but it didn't seem that way).

-”I'll make it cheap for you.” Aww, Orihime, you know you're going to give it to him for free. :) Also, according to the container she's holding the bread in, she works for a bakery called ABCookies.

-Ichigo still has the 15 decoration on his door. I guess his name could still represent the number, even if he's 17 now.

-Useless fact: I worked for a bakery once and the only good part of it was getting to bring yummy foods home.

Page 9: -Even though she's blushing in the first panel, I think Orihime is trying to look fake-threatening in the first panel in this page to try and convince Ichigo to take all the bread. Unlike Yuzu a few chapters ago, she doesn't mean in though. Of course, Ichigo doesn't fall for it.

-So while I don't especially ship Ichigo and Orihime (I really want her to get with Chad), I do think Ichigo and Orihime have some really cute moments, like this one and the one towards the end of the Grimmjow fight when he was carrying her.

-I wonder if the only times Orihime has been in Ichigo's room is right before she left to Hueco Mundo and right before Ichigo completely lost his powers or if she's been there again during the timeskip.

Page 10: -Ichigo's reactions to Orihime's questioning by showing how he's touching the mug is really well done.

-Orihime's not being exactly subtle, is she?

-Also, Orihime's thigh-highs are awesome looking.

Page 11: -LOL, Ichigo thinks that Orihime is more likely to have someone stalking her than he is. Considering how many people have watched Ichigo closely over this series makes this statement really ironic.

-Orihime being all cute and placating after questioning him (I don't think she believes him though).

-I wonder what kind of manga Orihime lent to Ichigo.

Page 12: -Uryū knows that Orihime's line of questioning isn't the right way to get information out of stubborn Ichigo.

Page 15: -New mysterious guy confuses me. He wears Chad-like shoes and also has a similar hair-cut and facial structure to Chad but he's much paler and has a different body type. He's most likely a follower of Kūgo's but what does his group gain from attacking Ishida (surely not Ichigo's trust)?

Page 17: -Damn, that's a lot of blood. At least Uryū still has his arm this time.

-I wonder if Ichigo had the time to read what was written on the card before he was distracted by the sirens.

Nell loves the Ichigo

In which I continue to enjoy crack shipping

I have to say the latest Bleach chapters have really inspired me to start writing about them again. They're just so much fun. SPOILERS!

-Ichigo should always wear a soccer uniform. He looks good in it (even his skinny legs).

-Obuta looks just like my uncle, it's kind of scary.

-The cover page! Oh, man, that is an awesome chapter title design!

-I wish I understood how student councils in Japan worked. I'm used to high-schoolers having elections to decide their presidents but I'm guessing it's decided by who has the highest academic grades in Japan, since Ryō was the class president at the beginning of Bleach (when she was the top student) and I can't imagine Uryū winning a popularity contest. I may be wrong though. I hope I'm not though since that would mean Mizuho was the top student of her class and I would find it hysterical if she was a genius while her younger brother hates academic work so much.

-I like the contrasts in Ichigo and Uryū's fighting styles. Ichigo is more of a brawler (even though he's a black belt in karate), while Uryū seems to be more “dainty” (open palms instead of fists, fancy kicks). I wonder when Uryū became so good at physical fighting, if it's a new thing or he's always known it.

-I love how Ichigo just brings up his worries at Uryū's hollow-killing in the middle of a fight in front of random strangers. Also, this is the second time in three chapters that has mentioned Uryū potentially getting into trouble with Soul Society. Rescue Uryū Arc, anyone?

-Also, I sort of am really excited about the fact that Uryū and Urahara are interacting because that means maybe he's going to meet his mother Lisa.

-I wonder if the Soul Society phones can be used to make calls to other Soul Society phones. I know they have that ability in the anime but I don't remember any manga proof about it.

-Eww, Yoko-chin. I remember that jerk-off. Didn't his guys taze Chad (or was that too just in the anime)? His new blonde, bushy hair looks weird. I do like how Ichigo remembers him but says he doesn't because of his new hair. I can only hope that the return of Yoko means that Kubo will bring back some other minor characters from the past (*cough*Midori,
Ryō, Mahana*cough*).

-YES, ICHIGO'S BOSS! I love her character design. The hat with goggles, the hair, the clothing (shirt and belt especially), the boots, the gloves, it's all awesome. Also, there are never enough kick-ass female characters. People have been bringing up her boobs on forums but, compared to other Kubo creations, she's relatively normal-sized.

-Ichigo's shocked/frightened expression on page twelve is funny. Also, he does the same "I refuse" hand gestures he did in the first Starter chapter (chapter 2).

-"NOW SHUT UP AND LET ME KIDNAP YOU!" The panel has the reiatsu effect as if she is some strong spiritual enemy, LOL.

-His boss has a creeper van and is strong enough to force him into it! New favorite character? Maybe!

-Ichigo being thrown onto the couch all tied up in tape? Fandom, I expect some good IkumiXIchigo lemon fic within a day. Don't disappoint me.

-Haha, Ichigo's job duties are all D-Rank missions. Also, he makes the best facial expressions this chapter.

-I'm not even going to deny it. I totally hope Ikumi is a single mom and that, in the future, Ichigo becomes Kaoru's step-dad. Yes, one chapter and I ship an inter-generational romance. The humorous interactions between the three family members would be so worth it (plus I think Ichigo and Ikumi have really good chemistry *cough*).

-It's Aizen and Ganju's love child again and he has ramen this time.

Also, just a short observation on the latest chapter of Naruto. On the top of page four, the zombie kunoichi looks a lot like Ino (she seems to be wearing an outfit that looks just like Ino's pre-timeskip clothes and has similar hair). Could it be her mother?



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Yeah, I have more to record (mainly for future fic purpose)

This time about the latest chapter of Naruto. Once again, SPOILERS!

The Konoha 11 (Plus Sai and minus Naruto wearing Chūnin outfits? YES.

Anko's team consists of a female (?) Aburame (with worms EWW) and a Hyūga named Tokuma.

Joint Shinobi Army Commander-General: Gaara

Division 1: Mid-range Fighter Division

General: Darui (Kumo)

-Akimichi Chōza (Konoha)

-Tenten (Konoha)

Division 2: Close-range Fighter Division

General: Kitsuchi (Iwa)

-Hyūga Neji (Konoha); I would expect him and Hinata to be in the sensor group but I suppose their fighting skills are too good to devote themselves to sensors

-Kurotsuchi (Iwa); Really? I would think her lava release would cause her to be a mid-range fighter.

-Karui (Kumo)

-Hyūga Hinata (Konoha)

Division 3: Close to Mid-Range Fighter Division

General: Hatake Kakashi (Konoha)

-Might Guy (Konoha)

-Haruno Sakura (Konoha)

-Rock Lee (Konoha)

Division 4: Long-Range Fighter Division

General: Gaara (Suna)

-Nara Shikamaru (Konoha); I guess Temari's saying that since her brother will be busy commanding the army Shikamaru will be the one running Division 4 most of the time

-Temari (Suna)

-Akimichi Chōji; I wonder why Chōji is considered a long-range fighter when his father is considered mid-range

Division 5: Special Ops Division

General: Mifune (Land of Iron)

-Inuzuka Hana (Konoha)

-Inuzuka Kiba (Konoha)

-Aburame Shino (Konoha)

-Yamanaka Ino (Konoha); OT but I kind of want InoXShino fic now.

Ambush Squad

Captain: Kankurō (Suna)

-Sai (Konoha)

-Omoi (Kumo)

Medical Logistics Squad

Captain: Shizune (Konoha)

-No Sakura? I guess her physical strength is too useful for just healing

Intelligence Squad

Captain: Yamanaka Inoichi (Konoha)

-Yamashiro Aoba (Konoha)

-Tenga (Hmm, he's not wearing a Konoha jacket but he has the facial markings of a Inuzuka, knows of Inoichi, has hair like Kiba, and is a Sensor-Nin. Maybe Kiba's father who left the family?)

Sensor Squad

Captain: Ao (Kiri)

-C (Kumo- also a medic)
Zombie Guys:






Jinchūriki (Part of me is happy we'll see their abilities but their ends were so sad)



-Nii Yugito

-Fū (;_;)




-Third Raikage

-Fourth Kazekage

-Kage in bandages (I have no idea who he is)

Skilled Ninjas:

-Apparently Zaraki Kenpachi (Seriously, who is that guy all the way on the right? He's the only one I don't recognize.)

-Momochi Zabuza





-Sarutobi Asuma (Holy shit, Team Ten is going to freak the fuck out)

-Dan (Holy shit, poor Tsunade)

-Hyūga Hizashi (Oh, poor Neji)

-Some other guy we can't see

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Love for the new chapters

Bleach is out early this week and it's awesome slice-of-life this week. SPOILERS ahead.

-Parallels to Second Chapter with the dream and Isshin waking him up.

-Cover Ichigo is so hot!

-As is new Keigo.

-YES to Ichigo in a soccer uniform! UNF!

-LOL at the fact that both Tatsuki and Orihime have fangirls/boys. I wonder what they did during the timeskip that made them so popular. I mean I know Orihime was well-liked at the start of the series but I didn't realize it was this intense. Maybe it's because they're seniors now instead of freshman?

-OMG, Orihime looks amazing! She has Rangiku-like hair! And she seems to be happy again! YES!

-OMG, Orihime sliding down the pipe! Best part of the chapter! Look at the ecstatic and mischievous looks on her face.

-I'm kind of expecting it to come out that Ichigo and Tatsuki are dating.

-Ichigo's expressions when he realizes he didn't call in to work are amazing!

-Ichigo is being yelled at by manager in the same place Rukia first told him he would have to take over her job as Death God. Further parallels to the second chapter.

-Did his manager just call him Ichigo-chan? Is that normal?

-Did Ishida just hit a guy in the face? With his hand? O_O I was always under the impression that Ishida was one of the few of the friends who wouldn't be much good in a physical fight (unlike Ichigo, Chad, Tatsuki, Orihime).

-That foot looks like Chad's!

ETA: It's come to my attention that Orihime isn't wearing her hairpins. O_O

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YAY! It's back!

So the Deicide arc finally ended in Bleach and after a two-week long break, we got a time-skip (which helped restore my interest). So here's the thoughts I had reading this chapter. Warning, they're longer than I thought they would be and very SPOILERY! Read at your own risk!

-OMG Yuzu, why are you so adorable? Look at her pigtails, her mismatched hair ties, and her puppy slippers.

-My favorite part of this chapter was Yuzu slamming the soy sauce down on the table while glaring at her brother (she kind of looks like a mix between Hiyori and Nel in the picture). I like how Yuzu's character has changed. She's kind of gotten over her adoration for her brother and dad; she seems like a real pre-teen now.

-I'm also liking Karin's new look. She looks much more grownup: a lot more feminine but not completely different (except for the fact that she sort of has boobs now).

-Yeah, I'm not really liking Mizuiro's new hair. He kind of looks like a teenage Soifon. I am slightly amused by the fact that when Ichigo first sees Mizuiro in this chapter, he gets this smile on this face like he's sexually interested in Mizuiro..... Honestly, I wouldn't mind that (fic, anyone?)

-Alright, my second favorite part of the chapter? The fact that Keigo now wears slippers without socks to school, just like Ikkaku did when he visited Karakura High School.

-Also the fact that Ichigo seems to enjoy Keigo's company now makes me happy. Previously, I always got the feeling that he was hitting Keigo out of annoyance and then leaving but this time he stays back to wrestle with him, letting Mizuiro go on ahead. I love friendship!

-Yeah, I might dislike Tatsuki's new hairstyle even more than Mizuiro's. I've heard people compare it to Kukaku's, but the wild look on Kukaku sort of fit, what with the wrappings and outfit and all. On Tatsuki, it kind of just looks like a mullet. Although, it kind of fits her personality: she's a girl who's not very girly, who probably has little idea how to style her own hair. I can certainly relate.

-Wow, during the panel where Ichigo takes out the Tekken game to give to Tatsuki, the two certainly got really close to each other. For a moment, I thought Ichigo had his arm around her. I think that would have actually been pretty cool.

-I'm actually kind of confused as to why Kuramadani has been in Karakura so long. Rukia was sent on a month-long assignment when she was sent there. Is it really normal for a Death God to be sent on assignment for over a year and a half? Although maybe it has to do with Karakura being the spiritual focal point of the real world; although, you'd think if it was that important, they'd send someone stronger to guard it.

-Also, I'm hoping Ishida isn't killing too many Hollows. I don't want Soul Society coming after him.

-As for Ichigo's career choice, it's my head canon that he becomes a high school teacher, specializing in Japanese. He's said multiple times that it's his best subject.

-Is the Karakura High School uniform different or is it just the copy of the chapter I'm looking at? It's always seemed solid gray but this chapter it looks like it's speckled gray and white.

-LOL at Keigo slyly making Rukia a topic of conversation and even more LOL at Ichigo's exasperated face because he knows Keigo is changing the subject. This conversation actually reminds me of the one Tatsuki and Keigo had when they were running carrying Chizuru and Michiru, about loneliness and missing friends. Maybe it's just the fact that it starts out so innocent and then becomes something much more serious. I love how Keigo asks whether Ichigo is lonely; even though Ichigo is now closer to him, Mizuiro, and Tatsuki, he knows that Ichigo hasn't seen Rukia in so long and doesn't seem as close to Chad, Orihime, and Ishida anymore. The fact that Keigo understands Ichigo's feelings so well is a parallel to how he understood what Mizuiro felt during the Aizen arc (although I think Mizuiro cares for Keigo much more than Keigo thinks he does).

-Also, I think the reason Rukia hasn't been to Karakura is because she's busy with a new job as an Assistant-Captain.

-And here I'm going to be all superficial about Keigo: he's taller than Ichigo now and his hair looks amazing. Yeah, he grew up into quite the hottie. Of course, I knew he was going to ever since Kubo talked about how he was good-looking.

-Damn, Ichigo, you're lucky you didn't get a finger sliced off by that knife.

-Also, my theory on guy at the end: he's a Shiba. He looks just like Ganju. Maybe he did something controversial while being a Death God which caused the Shiba family to fall from grace and caused him to be banished to the world of the living. Then Soul Society partially forgave him and allowed him to have a substitute badge. Maybe he'll know something about Isshin's back story and he'll be used as a framing device to tell Isshin's story (which Kubo promised he'd do soon).

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(no subject)

Oh man, the latest episode of Bleach is glorious. The human nakama being thieves (or burglars)! Chigo's constant snarking! Bawabawa as a camel! The shadows and sounds as the group sneaks into the mansion! All the easter eggs in the treasure room scene that included: The picture of the 1st Division Vice-Captain as an Englishman, filler Senbonzakura's armor, Komamura's head, Neliel's horns as a crown, a statue of Yamamoto with a mullet, a weapon that is a part of Ikakku's bankai, and the tapestry with all the division's insignias.


Then there was Urio's nerdy voice! Ura Vira's laugh basically sounding like the f-word! Ura Vira tugging the rope over and over, letting loose everything, including laser beams! “This is such a cliché development!..... How easy are we on the story setup today?!” Rukiruki's voice switching! Tessai, Ururu, and Jinta (but mainly Tessai) trying to knock down the door! “Dying your hair leads to delinquency!” Ori Mei and the cake! Urio, Ori Mei, and Chaido's random cleaning tools! The poses that Urio, Ori Mei, and Chaido make in the scene with the final wish! Chigo's voice as he gasps out “Seeleschneider!” Lamp!Kon blushing when Ori Mei lovingly rubs it to get Rukiruki to come out! Chaido rubbing the lamp even more lovingly, making the lamp upset! “Rukiruki broke the laws of the Lamp Society!” Ren Jin's absolutely heartfelt and hysterical plea! “The correct term is carpetsickness!” The cat not being Yoruichi while the magic carpet is Yoruichi! “That's just a black cat.” Everybody sitting and then synchronized falling through the air! The little firebird pecking Rukiruki's forehead! “Fool, why didn't you come to save me earlier! I was about to die!” Seaweed Ambassador fighting in Byakuya's place and Rukiruki being impressed by it! “These siblings need help.” Byakuya coming out from inside Seaweed Ambassador and Chigo's reaction! “This entire episode is nothing but regrets.” The twist ending!

Why can't all filler be like that?


For those times where you just have to c

What an exciting week to be a Bleach fan!

Haha, no, I'm not talking about Gin's betrayal! I'm talking about the release of Masked! It is everything I could have asked  for and is worth it just for the pictures and information on the Captains and Vice-Captains during the Turn Back the Pendulum arc! All the family ties! 

Oomaeda's father who seemed like such a joke in the omake he was in being the former Vice-Captain of the Second Division and the Commander of the Patrol Unit of the Secret Mobile Unit! Who Yoruichi seemed to actually like!

Iba's mother being Rose's Vice-Captain in the Third Division! OMG, I don't even care that this gets rid of my theory that Unohana is Iba's mother because just look at that picture! Chikane is such an awesome bad-ass! Oh, Kubo, why didn't you write anything about her in the TBTP arc?! ;_;

The Vice-Captain of the Fourth Division being Hanatarou's brother instead of father! And in every pic they show of him, he looks like such a creeper, LOL.

Byakuya's father being the Vice-Captain of the Sixth Division who was a total sweetie pie and cutie and who died in battle because even though he knew he wasn't extremely strong, he knew it was his job as a member of the Kuchiki family to fight in the Gotei 13.

Sentarou's father being Love's Vice-Captain in the Seventh Division who must have raised his son outside of Seireitei!

The Kenpachi who the current Zaraki Kenpachi killed looking totally strong and powerful!

The new color pic of Hitsugaya, Rukia, Matsumoto, Renji, Ikkaku, and Yumichika replacing Souls's pic of Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Ishida, Chad, Tatsuki, Keigo, and Mizuiro!

Tatsuki and Keigo's profiles having matching "looking up at the spiritual beings" poses and being on the same page all by themselves! Probably just because they couldn't fit Mizuiro with them but still! And Keigo has an official height now: Almost 5'8"! YAY! He's much taller than I expected, especially in comparison to Mizuiro who's a tiny 5'0".

LOL at Mizuho getting her own page! Oh man, I wish she made more appearances in the manga. Two chapters and a chapter omake just isn't enough.

Seeing Tessai in Masked makes me wonder where he is in the manga right now. And whether we'll actually ever find out  what the deal is with Ururu and Jinta? What are they?

Oh, and everyone's "purpose of battle"!

Ichigo- Protection
Ishida- Dignity
Orihime- Reject
Chad- Amistad (Spanish for friendship and probably has nothing to do with the famous slave ship)
Rukia- Belief
Renji- Desperate (Ouch, lol)
Hitsugaya- Cold
Ikkaku- Warlike
Byakuya- Pride (obviously)
Kenpachi- Berserker
Mayuri- Scientist
Ulquiorra- Cruel
Grimmjow- Emperor
Dordoni- Caballero (Spanish for knight)
Cirucci- Fury
Gantenbeinne- Knuckle (that is not a purpose, Kubo)
Szayelaporro- Perfect
Nnoitra- Asura (
Neliel- Soldier
Aaroniero- Eater
Zommari- Amore (love, obviously)
Shinji- Conduct
Hiyori- Revulsion

Ooh, I want a translation of the Hueco Mundo Organizational Tree!

Yylfordt and Szayelaporro were apparently twins. While Loly and Menoly are apparently not related at all. How strange.

OMG, all the arrancar are given their proper number in Masked so the readers can tell when they were created!

Ooh, Cirucci is my height! I did want to cosplay as her one day! :)
Plus I read an awesome Tatsuki/Keigo fic by kanjo-girl at

So, all in all, things are awesome!
For those times where you just have to c

I come bearing fic

Oh, God, I was all sad about the fact that there's no Keigo/Tatsuki fic out there (which I shouldn't be because it's not like they're anything more than a crack pairing) so I wound up writing my own. It's not even shippy really, it's more friendship and I feel like it sucks because I haven't written fic in over a year so I feel like I don't have the tenses or the characterization right. It doesn't even have a title (yet). I'm just going to leave it here before I go to sleep for the night and maybe tomorrow I'll post it to and the Keigo/Tatsuki fan club on Bleach Asylum. Oh, I also don't know how to make a LJ-Cut apparently so apologies in advance to my Friend's List.


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ETA: Apparently, I can do a LJ-Cut.